Here’s what you can expect from me as a teacher of violin, viola, theory, or history.

  • A vibrant, energetic teacher who cares about his students and who brings his all to every lesson, no matter how he’s feeling.
  • An interdisciplinary approach incorporating history, theory, acoustical physics, aural training, physiology, and many more elements.
  • An education driven by you. Your lesson is your time. I allow my students to set their own goals, and never place my pride as a teacher above the needs of the student.
  • A health driven approach, designed to eliminate stress and reduce the effects of performance anxiety. My methods are designed to prevent injury, and enable players with existing health conditions to play while simultaneously addressing their needs.
  • Results – None of my students have ever earned less than an “Excellent” rating at NYSSMA Solo Festival, and one of my former students is currently the principal violist of a community orchestra in Rochester. All of my students are satisfied by the improvement they show after studying with me.

To get an idea of what exactly your studies might look like, check out the methods page, and take a look at my Lessons Syllabus.

For further thoughts on the place of arts education in America, see this post. Your first lesson is free, so sign up now!